Frooyoo At Home

It is great pleasure that we announce that as of us, we can enjoy our delicious ,healthy and light frozen yogurt at home!  We have worked together with the dairy company of Charalambidis Christis to bring Frooyoo closer to you!  Visit your local supermarket to enjoy one of our five delicious flavours.  You can choose between mango, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and plain! 

 Being delicious, healthy and light, frozen yogurt is not only a dessert but also a pleasant experience that anyone can enjoy in different flavours. It can be combined with several toppings, thus offering possibilities for creative combinations according to one’s preferences. Charalambides Christis frozen yogurt is a healthy choice since it has the nutritional benefits of yogurt with very low fat content. It is the only frozen yogurt that contains more than 70% yogurt and only 1% fat. Made from yogurt of excellent quality, Charalambides Christis frozen yogurt has a cool, soft, light taste.

frooyoo at home vanilia

frooyoo at home straw

frooyoo at home mango

frooyoo at home choco

frooyoo at home plain

Yogurt never tasted this good!!!

We are pleased to announce that the frooyoo in cooperation with the company Charalambides Christis brings you two brand new flavors. Visit now the closer supermarket and take a look of Raspberry and dolce de leche (caramel) flavors. 

frooyoo at home raspberry flavor

frooyoo at home caramel

New suggestions for new combinations !!!