Here in frooyoo every single day, we freeze and take care about the best yogurt for you and we believe that a frozen yogurt is the best snack to embed into your died.  But there might be some days that you want to enjoy something different.  So we enrichment our menu with some delicious snacks and colorful drinks. 


[spacer height="30px"]strawberry nutella crepes

Frooyoo' s crepe

customize your crepe as you like, adding any toppings you like from our toppings bar  


[spacer height="30px"]milkshake oreo

Frooyoo' s shake

 great  your  combination  between  your  favorite chocolates  and  ice-cream  


strawberry waffles

Frooyoo' s waffle

enjoy a delicious combination of season fruits and chocolate or edit yours from our toppings bar


frape menu

Frooyoo's coffee

frappe, espresso,latte, americano, and so other type of coffee are now here at frooyoo to stimulate your day 


[spacer height="30px"]banana strawberry smoothis

Frooyoo' s smoothies

take a look of a various fruits that you can enjoy as a smoothie and refresh your day



[spacer height="30px"]orange fresh juice

Frooyoo' s fresh juices

select your favorite fruit or make a combination of them to enjoy your healthy choice